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The law firm of James A. Ebert, LLC is dedicated to protecting the rights of injured railroad workers and their families. Jim has successfully handled cases under the Federal Employers' Liability Act for his entire legal career. We have had the privilege of representing railroad workers and their families in 28 states. Our staff of investigators and field representatives covering these areas have years of experience working on the railroad in various crafts and union experience in representing their members.

Each case is unique and thus handled individually. We function not only as your legal representative but also as your legal counsel to help assist you and your family through the hardships following an on-the-job injury. We provide personal guidance in matters such as medical treatment, healthcare coverage, contractual benefits, vocational rehabilitation, disability and return to work issues.

As designated legal counsel, we offer you free legal advice on work related matters.

As a railroad employee you are engaged in one of the most dangerous occupations in America. Heavy equipment and railroad cars are hazardous, even when the utmost precaution is taken. In 1908, the U.S. Congress took action to protect the rights of railroad workers injured on-the-job with the passage of the Federal Employers' Liability Act (FELA).

The FELA places liability on the railroads for on-the-job injuries or deaths sustained by their workers and caused, in whole or in part, as a result of the railroads negligence or the negligence of its employees. As an employee injured while working for a railroad engaged in interstate commerce, you are NOT eligible for Workers' Compensation. The FELA is your ONLY remedy provided under the law.