FELA Designated Counsel

Chances are you have never needed the services of a lawyer before. Even if you have, you may not have sought legal advice about being injured while working for the railroad. You may know several lawyers in your community. Many lawyers, like doctors, specialize in a specific area of the law. If you needed advice about taxes or property, you would seek out a tax or property lawyer. Similarly, if you are hurt while working for the railroad, you should turn to a lawyer who knows and handles FELA cases in order to get the best legal representation available.

Your union has designated attorneys who specialize in FELA cases to help you get through this difficult time. Your union representative or local chairman will be able to give you the names of these lawyers who are experts in this field. The union sets our fees, so it will probably cost you less to hire an expert, than hire an attorney not as familiar with your type of case. Union designation also holds us accountable. If we don’t perform to the standards of your organization, we would be removed from the designated counsel list, while non-designated counsel are not accountable. This means we have a vested interest in providing the best possible representation for you. You may not need an attorney, but you do need legal advice. We’re here to help you.